The Griffon is known as the Supreme Gun Dog. Griffons love to please their owners and are very loyal. A wonderful family dog that is medium size, hypoallergenic, soft temperament close working versatile hunting dog. Known to shed very little and easy to care for. Griffons have a double coat with a harsh top coat and downy undercoat that dries very fast and does not have an odour unless they roll in something dead or stinky. Gentle, proud, intelligent and easy to train the Griffon is a strong rugged dog meant to work in a variety of terrains and climates. Well adapted to hunting in marshes and swamps and also used to search wounded game.

Often asked about the name of the Griffon. What do we call a Griffon?

  • Canada with the Canadian Kennel Club the Griffon is called a "Griffon Wire-Haired Pointing Dog"
  • USA with the American Kennel Club the Griffon is called a "Wirehaired Pointing Griffon"
  • France with the Livre des Origines Francais (LOF) the Griffon is called "Griffon A Poil Dur Korthals"
  • United Kingdom the Griffon is called "Korthals Griffon"
  • Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) the Griffon is called "Griffon D'Arret A Poil Dur Korthals"

Mr. Eduard Karel Korthals has been credited with the creation of the breed around 1874 hence the name Korthals. Several versions of the commencement of Mr. Korthals Griffon can be found on the world wide web. We strive to reproduce the Griffon how Mr. Korthals had intended. You may find our Griffons look a bit different then other kennels because we want to keep the breed as intended. If you look at some griffons today and what Mr. Korthals was producing some do not even look like the same breed.
The purpose of a griffon is to hunt. And hunt they do. If you are looking for a show dog we are not the breeders for you. We show most of our breeding stock on a very limited showing in order to obtain their conformation championship. Conformation is important as a well put together dog will go a lot longer than one that is not. We tend to show less and less because our dogs resemble more of the Korthals Griffons which are becoming less apparent as as time goes on. Often our dogs will look different and smaller than others, with tight harsh coats. However, they are the correct size and type. Our griffons are bred for hunting not show as Mr. Korthals intended :)


Producing versatile hunting dogs for serious hunters is our passion and joy. Meeting so many great friends over the years has enriched our lives. Every Griffon that leaves our home is special. Our Griffons are used for Upland, Waterfowl, Tracking, Fur, Search and Rescue and Therapy. Proven hunting dogs selected from the best European French stock. Pageska puppies are now only bred with PAGESKA owned dogs therefore all dogs we breed we know first hand.

One of our young male imports - GrCh Narvik de la Plume d'Argent FD WDJ CGN

As Mr. Korthals intended